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Practical & Action-Oriented
E‑commerce & Digital Marketing Course !

How to get the most results of your website or ecommerce!

Boost Your Website Speed Today

Learn How to Get The Most of Your Business

Boost Your E-commerce Performance

Convert More & Profit From Your Website Traffic

Digital Marketing Is Not Only About Traffic

The Other Side of Digital Marketing

This course starts where most of the others usually stop - you will learn how to convert your traffic into business results.

When you think about digital marketing, probably some of the first things that come to your mind are: Inbound Marketing, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram... in a word: Getting Traffic, right?

Well, the same way a coin has 2 faces, so does digital marketing... Traffic is only one face of it. Converting that traffic into relevant and continuous results is a must, if you want to make the most money of your investment and grow your business.

This course is focused in optimizing for results - You will learn how to transform already existent traffic into better performance, either e-commerce (B2C) or B2B context, in a practical way.

What If You Learn How To Duplicate It?

Ask Yourself: What Percentage Of Your Traffic Is Transformed Into Real Business?

Exclusive Methodology - Action-Focused Training!

We Will Use Your Business Website as Your Training Focus

If You Don't Have a Business Website, Don't worry - You will Learn The Same Way!

Audit + Analysis



  • We will help you to diagnose and audit YOUR WEBSITE as a basis for performance improvement.

Human-interaction Based Learning



  • This is NOT a generic online course. We will be training, discussing, analysing and improving YOUR reality.

Practical Tools and Methodologies



  • No generic, useless theories. We will teach you some of the best tools and methodologies that you may use to improve your performance - in a PRACTICAL way.

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Exclusive Methodology - Action-Focused Training!

Get a Personalized Approach!

WEEKS (1 session/week)

This is NOT a Video-Recorded Training, but a Personalized "Live" Online-Meeting Based

This is a hands-on practical course!
We will be mixing “live” online training and assisting you on your e-commerce store.
“Live” sessions will take 12 sessions, one per each course chapter / week of training. 

Your Business Numbers Model

You will learn what are your main drivers to grow your business and how to evaluate its performance all along the way.

You will also be prepared to evaluate your external partners such as advertising companies in regards to your e-commerce performance.

By using a very clear and objective e-commerce business model, you will be able to manage the most important areas of your business and to ensure its growth.

You will be able to identify major problems and to prioritize them, the right way. 

Do you want to start improving your business performance? Start right here...

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Segmenting Fundamentals

When a user lands on your website, his behavior can be predicted according to his segment, unique or group characteristics.   

You will learn why and how to segment your clients and to use those segments in order to evaluate and discover improvement areas.

You will be introduced the concept of dynamic segmenting and how to leverage it to increase your sales.

You will know how to implement some dynamic segmenting strategies applied to your business and to link those strategies into other areas such as advertising, social media, email and user experience.

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Human Digital Behaviors

Your clients are humans. In order to improve your e-commerce you must understand what are your clients typical behaviors and motivations.

You will learn some tactics to leverage what you know (and what you don't know) about your clients, and boost your sales process.

Knowledge is power and concerning e-commerce that is an absolute true. The more you understand your clients expected (and abnormal) behavior, the more prepared you will be to take that into your advantage.

You will learn to better understand your clients and to introduce changes in your e-commerce to improve its results.

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E-commerce Ecosystem

Let's face it. E-commerce is not easy and you are faced with a ton of decisions and aspects to manage.

To achieve success, you will have to know and manage several pieces. From knowing your competitors to  generating traffic using Social Media. From online advertising or email, to designing your Homepage or improving your checkout process... 

You must ensure that everything is working aligned and well - that's what we call the E-commerce ecosystem.

You will be introduced to some of the best practices in all these areas and you will be able to hugely improve your sales process.

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Essential E-commerce Features

If you already are in e-commerce or looking to get into it, you will discover that there are a million of technological solutions in the market.

For every price and preference, there is a solution. So, what you will learn here are some of the most important features that you should consider when evaluating your own solution.

What makes sense for you? What features you must implement and what is useless? What changes you must implement in you current store?

You will get knowledge regarding several areas: from marketing to inventory, from checkout to after sales...

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E-commerce Growth Strategies

Do you really want to grow your business?

Sometimes, a small change has huge impact on results, but there are also other ways to grow your business that require a much bigger involvement in time, resources and knowledge.

You will learn some of the best practical tactics and strategies to do it.

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