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Chatbot Implementation

24/7 Automated & Contextual Based

Boost Your Conversions & User Experience !

Implement a true AI chatbot platform designed for leads generation, e-commerce, sales, marketing and support, while enabling a life-like experience for shoppers through it’s natural, friendly, and interactive textual conversation capabilities.

Engage Shoppers. at any stage of their journey, helping them find what they need when they need it, quickly, in an interactive, natural way.

Get Insights and relevant information about your  business and the customer, so you can take control of your business process now.

Grow Sales or Leads, when using a chatbot, while eliminating sales obstacles and reducing your support burden.

Interact, interact, interact...

Let Your User Control Its Own Experience

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes an intrusive chat, popup, or content… if it’s not relevant!

Implementing a chatbot according to your own context, your business specifics and your user preferences, will allow you to control the process, while your visitor gets the experience they like and that is relevant for them.

  • Ask and answer questions,
  • Set appointments
  • Solve sales breakers,
  • Recommend products,
  • Provide support,
  • Cross-sell and upsell,
  • Personalize the dialog,
  • Solve problems,
  • Upsell,
  • Order status & tracking,
  • and a lot more…

Get more leads, more sales and better user experience… now!

Personalized User Interaction!

AI Based



  • Artificial learning to dynamically sound like a human... and provide a natural conversation with your client.

Users data-based



  • User behaviour and user interactions (questions, answers, choices, etc...) help defining preferences and patterns...




  • Integrated in your e-commerce store or website, with your own business rules.

Cloud Hosting

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Show the Most Relevant Products & Convert More

User-Centric Search Experience !

Understands just like a real human...

Automatically recognizes customer search intent and context with special characters, measurements, attributes, modifiers, and categories with faceted search, just like a real sales clerk.

Corrects spelling mistakes and typos...

Deliver the correct search result every time even when searchers misspell or create innocent typos with intelligent autocorrect.

Recognizes synonyms automatically...

Built-in synonym detection across multiple languages enables you to provide relevant search results that otherwise would not have been shown.

Match searches with relevant content...

Include highly relevant content from your blog, categories, and CMS pages that help guide your searchers to purchase using contextual sales-driven AI.

Guide your search discovery...

Instantly show customers perfect results after only two keystrokes for a seamless browsing experience that guides your customers to relevant products.

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Personalization and Product Recommendations Implementation

Better User Experience & Sales Performance

User-Centric E-commerce !

Deliver personal experiences on your E-commerce site by dynamically showing content, product recommendations and specific offers based on previous actions, browsing behavior, purchase history, demographics, and other personal data – turn your store into a real personalized experience and get all the benefits related to increased user satisfaction and additional sales.

Allow every visitor to consume the experience how they prefer and help them achieve their goals at each stage in their journey with your brand.

Each visitor interacts with businesses in a multitude of ways and truly powerful personalization looks beyond who you are to what you are trying to achieve right now.

Site search, browsing data, product recommendations, landing pages, and all other interaction points should work cohesively to build a complete picture of each visitor across their journey.

Providing personalized and relevant product recommendations is a huge part of a successful e-commerce store.

It may leverage your sales by 15% or 20% more

Get a results-oriented, business-driven website.

Inject Dynamically and Relevant Content per User

From Simple To Highly Complex Solutions

Let’s be honest. Implementing Personalization and Product Recommendations tactics may be a huge project. It all depends on your specific reality and context.

In a perfect store… everything is personalized and customized to a specific user.

In the real world, you must do some tradeoffs between what works and brings you tangible results now and… in the future. You must balance investment and sales objectives

Implementing personalized product recommendations is a must if you are looking to get results starting right now. 

All the data and analytics show a universal truth – relevant product recommendations work and produce results.

  • Related products from like-minded shoppers,
  • Popular products,
  • Recently viewed products,
  • Discounted products,
  • New arrivals,
  • Frequently bought together,
  • Cross-sell,
  • Upsell,
  • Product reminder,
  • Category reminder…

among other sets, all of these are types of product recommendations.

Either onsite or email-based, implement a well defined product recommendations strategy and start getting more sales

Dynamically User-Centric Content!

AI Based



  • We will use dynamic algorithms to inject the best data-based content. No more manual task.

Users data-based



  • User behavior and user interactions (clicks, views, scroll, purchases, etc...) help defining preferences and patterns...




  • Integrated in your e-commerce store, with your own business rules.

Cloud Hosting

$29.99 /Month

Automatic Targeted & Relevant Emails

Send More Relevant Emails on Autopilot

Highly Personalized 1:1 Product Recommendation Emails !

Show 1:1 product recommendations with smart and pre-built logics that dynamically updates in real time based on each individual recipient and product availability.

Send high-converting triggered emails, based on behavior & transactions.

Email campaigns using automation AI remove time-consuming manual email flows thanks to the world’s first fully-predictive email marketing tool using thousands of data points to predict what, when, and who to send to.

Smart recommendation logics include hot products, order based, visitor history, best cross-sell products, and many more.

Align business goals with prioritization and promotion of certain vendors, brands, products, campaigns, or categories with custom rules.

Customize with your own rules and filter by price, age, and as many available combinations as you desire, while changes to your products and orders are synced and updated in real time ensuring recommendations are always up to date.

Let the system automatically picks up on current trends and adopt recommendations in real time without delay.

Present consumers with relevant content such as blog posts, CMS pages, and landing pages in your recommendations.

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Content Creation

Improve Your Content Creation Processes

Optimize and Accelerate Your Content Efforts!

AI product description generator for your store...

Writing product descriptions is one of the biggest time wasters when creating content for e-commerce.

It is very likely that there is a sizable product inventory, particularly if your supply chain is stable and your inventory management is effective.

This is fantastic news for your company, but it also means that you will need to list all of those goods on your e-commerce site, with a unique product description for each one. It can be difficult to write these hundreds of product descriptions. especially if your online store operates across several platforms.

To truly convey the worth of the product, you must make sure that your product descriptions are factual, persuasive to the buyer, distinctive, and optimized for keywords.

A mass AI product description generator might be quite useful in this situation. For example, you may create multiple descriptions at once with a bulk AI product description generator. You may also create single product descriptions if you have fewer goods and would want to go a bit slowly.

This may save you hours of labor and offers you a great deal of freedom in managing your product listings.

AI copywriting tool...

High-converting writing is essential for product pages, category pages, product comparison pages, and other pages in your e-commerce shop.

You can create text for your  website much more quickly and with search engine optimization by using an AI copywriting tool.

You may select from a variety of AI templates depending on the kind of content you’re trying to produce. Simply enter all the information required, and an extra content will be created in a matter of seconds.

You can do much more, including creating headlines for your pages and writing copy that follows the AIDA, BAB, or PAS frameworks.

You can even utilize the AI business name generator to come up with ideas for new products and businesses.

AI image generator for marketing material...

You could still require stock photos for other marketing materials, such as your blog, even if you would use your unique product photographs for your website or product listings.

What’s superior to utilizing stock images in this context? Making unique pictures! As an e-commerce marketer, you will find an AI picture generator helpful in this situation as well.

Simple word prompts and thoughts may be transformed into beautiful, unique visuals using AI text-to-image generators.

The AI tool’s result will be better the more specific your input is. Additionally, you may create graphics in a variety of formats, including cartoons, oil paintings, and photos.

AI video generator ...

These days, it’s very important to pay attention to media channels like audio and video while developing your internet presence.

It is crucial to include video production in your marketing strategy.

However, creating a film may be costly for small companies.
An AI movie generator can be useful in this situation. Yes, studio-caliber videos can be produced with simply a script using AI e-commerce content technologies.

You can quickly develop a screenplay for a video and then use any AI visual content production platform, to create a video based on the script.

You may event to turn other types of format into video, including translated videos.

You can make promotional, lesson, product, review, guide, and other videos that would help your audience when they are making purchases.

Dynamic Pricing

Adjust Your Prices Automatically & Convert More

Get More Money Automatically!

When the market swings often, e-commerce firms typically adjust their pricing based on both external variables and internal sales data.

More than that, though, it’s a strategy that incorporates competitive analysis in addition to pricing adjustments.

In e-commerce, dynamic pricing replaces static pricing, which sets an item’s price at a set amount, with data-driven pricing. Consequently, more ideal pricing will be displayed the more data that is available for analysis.

This implies that the quantity of stock is no longer the main factor influencing pricing. It determines the optimal pricing point at any given moment by utilizing a variety of sophisticated analytics on your products, your customers, and your competitors.

Artificial intelligence can be used to make all sorts of predictions when it comes to e-commerce. For example, you could predict:

  • what a customer will likely purchase next
  • the device or channel a user is most likely to visit your site from
  • what sort of price point they’d be willing to pay
  • the time they’re more likely to hit purchase

You can use AI to personalize your pricing. This means that you will be able to alter prices based on the current users on your website and their various different behaviors.

You may be able to increase prices when you know your competitor’s stocks are running low, or to lower your prices if you are losing business to a competitor. Just define your business rules and use pricing as a real tool to grow your business.

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