Chatbot Implementation

24/7 Automated & Contextual Based

Boost Your Conversions & User Experience !

Implement a true AI chatbot platform designed for leads generation, e-commerce, sales, marketing and support, while enabling a life-like experience for shoppers through it’s natural, friendly, and interactive textual conversation capabilities.

Engage Shoppers. at any stage of their journey, helping them find what they need when they need it, quickly, in an interactive, natural way.

Get Insights and relevant information about your  business and the customer, so you can take control of your business process now.

Grow Sales or Leads, when using a chatbot, while eliminating sales obstacles and reducing your support burden.

Interact, interact, interact...

Let Your User Control Its Own Experience

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes an intrusive chat, popup, or content… if it’s not relevant!

Implementing a chatbot according to your own context, your business specifics and your user preferences, will allow you to control the process, while your visitor gets the experience they like and that is relevant for them.

  • Ask and answer questions,
  • Set appointments
  • Solve sales breakers,
  • Recommend products,
  • Provide support,
  • Cross-sell and upsell,
  • Personalize the dialog,
  • Solve problems,
  • Upsell,
  • Order status & tracking,
  • and a lot more…

Get more leads, more sales and better user experience… now!

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Personalized User Interaction!

AI Based



  • Artificial learning to dynamically sound like a human... and provide a natural conversation with your client.

Users data-based



  • User behaviour and user interactions (questions, answers, choices, etc...) help defining preferences and patterns...




  • Integrated in your e-commerce store or website, with your own business rules.

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